Konark Software
As an experienced consulting company, Konark
Software is a partner for transformation and
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Konark Software
Konark Software specializes in evaluating
business processes, identifying process
bottlenecks, re-engineering work processes,
and implementing workflow automation using
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Konark Software
As a technology expert, Konark Software utilizes
industry best practices and emerging
technology to help our client’s accomplish their
business goals accurately, effectively and in a
timely manner.
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Why Choose Us?

Receive unbiased and objective guidance to support your current and future growth.

Why Choose Us

Our expertise is in understanding your business processes and help you overcome your business challenges using technology.

Why Choose Us

Innovative solutions utilizing best practices and emerging technology to help accomplish your business goals.

Why Choose Us


Email & Web Security

Companies lose significant productivity not counting the potential liability due to data and network security breaches. Konark Software can assist in protecting your business data against viruses, spyware, malicious trojans, block spam and phishing, prevent unauthorized web surfing improving productivity.

Project Management

Manage projects within time and budget. Companies tend to have good technical staff but projects still fail either because of a lack of proper oversight or a poor project management approach. We can provide project management services for the successful implementation of projects.


Konark Software is an authorized professional solutions provider of VMware software. We can help you maximize your current hardware resources, increase the availability of hardware and applications, and improve operational flexibility and responsiveness.

Software Engineering

Most off the shelf packages are designed to address a generic business solution and may not meet all the business needs of a company. Our custom programming approach will help develop a solution that fits your specific business needs. We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Konark Software provides automatic data backup and server recovery so mission critical applications such as email, financial, and ERP systems are not affected by hardware failures. Imagine enhanced system availability and the option to perform system upgrades without taking the system offline.

Document Imaging/Workflow

Konark Software can provide Enterprise document/records management, workflow strategy, and data capture using OCR/ICR. We can also help with full text search, document versioning, retention, and archival.

We help our Clients become the Best in their Industry

Contract Vehicles

Konark Software holds multiple prime contract vehicles that enable Government agencies to rapidly engage Konark Software and benefit from a reduced procurement timeline
GSA Contract Holder


If you have questions or want more information about how we can help your agency accomplish mission goals, send us an email or give us a call. We would be delighted to speak with you.