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Trusted AdvisorYour business goals become ours to achieve. Receive unbiased and objective guidance to support company growth and accomplish current and future goals.

Konark Software has been successfully serving government and commercial clients since 2010.

Through years of experience Konark, has developed a formula to ensure successful delivery of all tasks on time. We take a customer centric approach when providing solutions and make recommendations based on the clients’ specific needs. Whether that is leveraging existing infrastructure or designing a new solution, we do the work to make sure we determine the best way to help the client overcome their IT challenges. We take on our customer’s goals and accomplish them, using cutting edge technology, industry best practices, and innovative solutions.

When the USDA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) needed support for their Information Security Center (ISC) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program, Konark Software rose to the challenge. We were trusted to manage and coordinate, amongst other tasks, the security diagnostics, sensors, and tools deployed at USDA. We completed all project deliverables on time, in scope and cost, utilizing our process improvement methods, strong leadership and industry expertise.

Solutions OrientedWe take the time to get to know your business processes, business goals and IT issues in order to provide the most innovative and personalized solutions.

Konark Software specializes in business process re-engineering and provide innovative solutions that move our clients forward. We take the necessary time to learn our client’s business processes and understand their challenges to help them achieve their goals. We then recommend the proper technology and improvements to streamline processes based on industry best practices to save time and money.

Konark Software has gained many years of experience serving clients in various industries, including commercial, government and federal agencies. We focus on solutions that improve operational flexibility and responsiveness, which enables our customers to gain a strategic advantage over their competition.

We provide solutions that improve operational flexibility and responsiveness. This enables our customers to gain a strategic advantage over their competition. Konark Software has many years of experience and knowledge gained from serving clients in various industries, including government and federal agencies.

Cutting Edge TechnologyKonark Software utilizes innovative technology and best practices to help our clients modernize their IT infrastructure, fix technology issues and accomplish business goals.

Konark Software specializes in providing our clients with advanced IT and product services that help them achieve goals. We believe that cutting edge technology is the foundation for innovative solutions. Whether we are building a custom system or modifying a standard package already in place, we provide superior information technology services by utilizing advanced technologies. Konark Software possess the required skills to meet all your IT needs. As an industry expert, we take on modern technical challenges and help our clients to overcome the issues they face. We take pride in understanding our client’s technical requirements and we use emerging technology to help them achieve their goals.

Konark Software designed, installed and configured gunshot detection systems for the U.S. Navy. Utilizing innovative technology the system was designed to detect gunfire flashes in an acoustically challenging, test environment used by government personnel. The system sent automatic notification to first responders with location details and improved security and evacuation response protocols during an active shooter event.

We use emerging and advanced technology to strengthen network and data security, modernize and support agency technology and improve business processes.

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